Creekside Inn invites you to see Guerneville’s Parade of Lights!   

Quirky after dark fun for adults and toddlers alike. Come and join the old time fun. Gangs of bikers, not really, groups of tricyclists decked out in flashing lights and balloons and brightly lit floats along with colorful people take over Main Street. The perfect beverage-hot spiced cider. Cider plus lodging and glow sticks make up the Festival of Lights Package at Creekside.
Look at the article by Nancy Belcher in East Bay Newspapers

Click here to check out the Creekside special package for lodging and treats.

See you Saturday.

3 Responses to “A PARADE IN DECEMBER???? AND AT NIGHT????”

  1. Jennifer Neeley says:

    I LOVE the “Holly Daze” Parade of lights in Guerneville…it’s my absolute favorite. You have to see it to believe it! Go to the following link for a video of the 2006 parade, it’s fantastic:


    I remember the very first light parade…my husband and I were on our way to town towing this huge lighted float that I had convinced him to build, I mean we had generators, a sound system, live models, every yard decoration we owned, the works…and we get to the stoplight and he turns to me and says “I don’t know why we did this, no one is going to be there”.. I gasp, my mouth open as we go around the corner and see just throngs of people on the sidewalk, like four deep. There must have been 4000 people there that night, it was fantastic! Everybody talked about it for weeks! I think the best that year was the people in the redwood hot tub with their Santa hats on! I always love Ronnie Sloan with her horse dressed up as Santa, she’s awesome! Bob Burke’s bus-SPECTACULAR-they made a Christmas Card out of their parade picture! Who can forget Janice as the Snow Queen with the white Samoya Dog on top of the VW bus! The kids dirt bike club, that’s a good one! The Sugar Plum Fairies-a river classic right there folks! The live Nativity from the Church! Bohan & Canelis with the box that opened and a four wheeler came out, those big trucks are really spectacular all lit up like that. I don’t know what it is, but I love it!

  2. I think Guerneville is the perfect place to get my holiday shopping done. I hate going to malls and I always want to find unique gifts. Things that make people say, “where did you find this.” I don’t have to worry about parking. I can walk downtown from Creekside. Main Street in Guerneville always provides interesting finds. The shops are so very much one-of-a-kind and they always have wares that are one-of-a-kind too. The 5 and dime is great for stocking stuffers. Vine Life has a great selection of interesting wine gifts and gifts that go well with wine like tapanades and mustards. Plus a little bit of everything else from soap to antiques. http://www.vinelifegifts.com. I like River Mist for their interesting jewelry and silk clothing. Sonoma Nesting Company was a new find this year for original art, antiques, custom finishes, eclectic artifacts and collectibles. http://www.sonomanesting.com. (Not within walking distance) Up the River is always fun to visit. A completely adult shop of novelty items. Hemp and Chocolat is another favorite and both the hemp clothing and the chocolate make interesting gifts. et cetera, et cetera is another shop that I usually spend money in. For my own holiday gift, I usually pick something or several things from Twice Told Books. After something for me, we stop at Stone River’s for a squeeky toy or stuffed animal for my puppy. They have a selection that you won’t find in Petco or the other large chains. I am always delighted with the prices on my Guerneville visits. Holiday shopping always includes a drink and dinner at the Village Inn Restaurant. Base Camp for my holiday shopping? Creekside Inn & Resort of Course! I love the new eco-friendly cottages and I can walk to town which helps burn off the calories from your fabulous chocolate chip cookies. This is my perfect holiday shopping spree.

  3. Lynn says:

    Great news, Sonoma Nesting Company just moved to town, just across the foot bridge.

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