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Christmas at Creekside

Friday, November 30th, 2007


It’s too cold to go swimming in the pool and not cold enough to ice-skate on it but you can still get outside and have some fun.

Western Sonoma County is a great place to find the perfect Christmas tree. Along with some great wineries, berry farms, cheese makers and…..we also have a number of small farms that grow Christmas trees. Most of these farms let you come out and hike around to find cut down your perfect tree. This can be a great family outing on your way home from a weekend at Creekside.

It can put Scrooge in the mood for Christmas! If you want to pick your tree early and cut it on the way home, Buddy’s Christmas Trees lets you tag a tree as sold but they can’t guarantee it will be there later. Tags can fall off. To get the freshest tree you could cut it on your way home or you can also bring it back to the resort, cut a 1” slice off the bottom of the tree and stick it in a bucket of water. We can help you and provide the saw, bucket & water. If you keep it watered and cool, they will last a long time like this too. Buddy’s has a great model train setup that the kids will love. The Victorian Christmas Tree Ranch is fun too. In addition to friendly folks and nice trees, they also have a petting zoo that appeals to children of all ages.